John Christian Rosenlund, FNF

With 44 credits as cinematographer for film and TV drama and 800-900 commercials, John Christian Rosenlund is one of the most experienced photographers in Norway. Beside more than 20 film awards and nominations for cinematography for his features and TV dramas, five of his films have been selected for the official Norwegian Oscar Award representation.

Over the years he has been working closely with directors like Erik Poppe, Harald Zwart, Per Olav Sørensen, Bent Hamer, Martin Campbell, Thaddeus O´Sullivan, and Morten Tyldum. He has been working with actors such as Morgan Freeman, Juliette Binoche, Martin Sheen, Matt Dillon, Marisa Tomei and Nikolaj Coster Waldau.

Alongside his work as an award-winning cinematographer, John Christian has been a leading force in developing new tools for the film industry and is today engaged in new, exciting projects and creatives.

Represented in USA by UTA and in Europe by Amara Pil
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«a leading force»
In 2000 John Christian shot  “Dragon Fly”, the first Super-16 film to Digital scope 2K feature ever made.  (Which won the Nordic Kodak Vision Camera award)

Creator of Softlights, the first and only both digital Wi-Fi and DMX controlled Tube light system. ( 

Initiator of Remotion, digital controlled remote controlled camera head with the world first pan-bar operated system.

Founder of Drylab, now Storyline Studios, the world first Digital Intermediate /DI (Digital lab) based on real-time 2K workflow by using the world first Arriscan.  ( 

Initiator of Drylab R&D. Since 2004, developing leading metadata based software the International film industry.  (

2007-10 co-vice president of IMAGO technical committee.
2010-21, Member of ITC, IMAGO Technical Committee.

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