FNF, The Norwegian Society of Cinematographers, was established in 1995, and consists of Directors of Cinematography, Focus Pullers and associated colleagues. The Society works with Working Conditions and Intellectual Property Rights. FNF arranges Educational seminars and conferences like the biannual Oslo Digital Cinema Conference (ODCC). We have social and educational events for our members, including film screenings through our «Mandagsfilmen» (The Monday film). We put up Technical Demonstrations together with our sponsors and support film festivals like Nordic/Docs and Mirage – Art of the Real. FNF cooperates with other national and international film Societies to develop the creative and artistic focus of the technical development. FNF is a member of IMAGO. FNF has two levels of membership: Associate membership and Full membership, of which only members with full membership are allowed to use the letters FNF after their name. This is a quality stamp given by the peers. FNF consists of the best Cinematographers in Norway and the crew associated with Cam. Dept, Light and Grip.
When clicking Medlemsoversikt you will find qualified personel for your production: ‘Fullt medlemskap’ is Full Members. ‘Assosiert medlemskap’ is Associated Members and ‘Fagmedlem’ is a collection of Focus Pullers/1st ACs, Gaffers, Key Grips and Colorists. 
President: Paul René Roestad, FNF       Email me
Vice president : Ole Andreas Grøntvedt, FNF  Email me
Members of the Board:

Paul René Roestad, FNF

Ole Andreas Grøntvedt, FNF

Benjamin Mosli, FNF

Benjamin Loeb, FNF

Cecilie Semec, FNF

Janne Lindgren, FNF

John-Erling Holmenes Fredriksen, FNF

Andreas Johannessen, FNF (Deputy Member)

Film screening Committee: (The Monday film):

Olaug Spissøy Kyvik, FNF

Alvilde Naterstad, FNF

Magnus Flåto, FNF

Øyvind Svanes Lunde

Martin Edelsteen, FNF

IMAGO Technical Comittee:
Jon Christian Rosenlund, FNF and Jannicke Mikkelsen.

IMAGO Authorship Committee and Working Conditions Committee: Paul René Roestad, FNF

You find our members HERE.