FNF, The Norwegian Society of Cinematographers, were established in 1995, and consists of Directors of Cinematography, focus pullers and assistants. The Society works with working conditions and intellectual property rights, arranges educational seminars, and social and educational events for its members, including monthly film screenings, technical demonstrations and discussions.  FNF cooperates with other national and international film Societies to develop the creative and artistic focus of the technical development. FNF is a member of IMAGO.
FNF has two levels of membership, Associate membership and Full membership, of which only members with full membership are allowed to use the letters FNF after their name.
President: Rolv Haan    Ph# +47 900 19 988   Email me
Web and treasure : Joachim Foss Rønning  Email me
Members of the board

Rolv Håan

Patrik Säfström

Thomas Løkkeberg

Joachim Foss Rønning

Cecilie Semec

Jakob Ingimundarson

Technical comitee: Jon Christian Rosenlund

Address:  Foreningen Norske Filmfotografer

President Harbitzgate 20

0259 Oslo