Global OPF CMOS sensor fra Panasonic

Panasonic annonserte forige uke en ny sensorteknologi, som kan utvide den dynamiske rekkevidden til en CMOS sensor opptil 100 ganger.

Panasonic skriver følgende i sin pressemelding:

In OPF CMOS image sensor, charge-storage function and photoelectric-conversion function can be set independently. By utilizing this unique feature of the OPF CMOS image sensor, overexposure can be prevented in bright situations without time distortion against moving object. And a sharp and texture-rich image can be reproduced even in dark situations. These technologies enable high-speed, high-precision imaging without time distortion in high-contrast scenes.

The newly developed wide-dynamic-range technology enables accurate imaging and reproduce of richer color tone, even in high-contrast situations (in a backlit scene or under studio lighting). In addition to, synthesizing multiple exposures data which are captured at the different times is not necessary, so it enables accurate imaging of moving objects at high speed. Therefore, this technology enables high-speed, high-precision, and wide-dynamic-range imaging and sensing.

The new technology has the following advantages.

1. Wide incident angle (60 degrees), high sensitivity, high saturation and highly-functional circuits due to a unique feature of OPF, in which an OPF for photoelectric-conversion and a readout circuits are independent.

2. 123dB simultaneous-capture wide dynamic range (that is 100x wider than that of common silicon image sensors*3), while maintaining the conventional chip size, due to our original » simultaneous-capture structure «.

This wide-dynamic-range technology includes the following technologies.

1. The OPF CMOS Image Sensor Design Technology, in that, photoelectric-conversion part and a circuit part can be designed independently.

2. Dual-Sensitivity Pixel Technology that is provided with two sensitivity detection cells (one for brightness; one for darkness) in each pixel, taking advantage of a high-saturation performance and flexibility of a sensitivity setting of OPF CMOS image sensor, in order to achieve simultaneous-capture wide dynamic range.

3. Capacitive-Coupled Noise Canceller Technology that can cancel pixel reset noise, in order to improve S/N[3] characteristics of imaging dark objects.

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Global OPF CMOS sensor fra Panasonic