Mad Max – Fury Road

Da den pensjonerte fotografen John Seale  (70) ble spurt om å skyte den siste Mad Max filmen, fikk han ikke et manus, men en bunke med 3500 storyboards.

I denne videoen fra Variety, deler John Seale sine erfaringer i forbindelse med den mildt sagt spektakulære produksjonen.

«One of the interesting tidbits from the interview with Seale is his theory about what he calls «what if» films. These films are improvisatory, where the director and DP can make creative decisions on set, and make changes if needed. For Seale, Fury Road was the exact opposite of a «what if» film. Everything in this film was planned extensively and rigorously, and for the film to work as it was envisioned by Miller, that plan had to be carried out exactly as it was. The main takeaway here is that some films are «what if» films, and others definitely are not. As a cinematographer, it’s important to know which kind you’re working on because that will inform the way that you approach the preparation and the production.»

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Mad Max – Fury Road