The Calling of Vittorio Storaro

Jon Fauer i har gjort et dybdeintervju med den legendariske fotografen Vittorio Storaro.

«I understood that in doing my first film, I really was not defining any differences, I was not distinguishing between black and white or color. I was very innocent and I was thinking meanly about LIGHT. But very soon I discovered that I was very ignorant, knowing only the technical side. One day I was with Antonia, my wife, walking in Rome near Piazza Navona and we entered a little church called San Luigi dei Francesi. Inside, I discovered something that I never knew until that moment. On the walls were some canvases by a painter, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. These paintings filled me with incredible emotions and completely changed my vision. It totally changed my way of seeing. Nobody had mentioned to me there was a Baroque painter called Caravaggio who was using light and shadow to visualize our life’s journey. In the painting “The Calling of Saint Matthew,” Caravaggio emphasized the moment in which Jesus calls to Matthew to become one of his followers. Caravaggio put a ray of sunlight traversing the darkness of the canvas, emphasizing the difference between past and future, unconscious and overconscious, humanity and divinity.

That painting changed the history of visual art. Caravaggio was a visionary man who had an incredible intuition: that you can use light or darkness in a symbolic way.

At that moment I understood that yes, I was very knowledgeable in technology but I was very ignorant about art.»

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The Calling of Vittorio Storaro