R.I.P. Andrew Lesnie

Den Australske filmfotografen Andrew Lesnie, døde uventet av et hjerteinfarkt den 27.04.2015.

Lesnie ble bare 59 år gammel, men rakk likevel å bli en av de mest betydningsfulle og prisbelønnede filmfotografene på 2000 tallet.

Mest kjent var Lesnie for sitt episke fotoarbeid på Ringenes Herre filmene og mangeårige samarbeid med regissør Peter Jackson.

Følgende er hentet fra Peter Jacksons facebookprofil:

“Being an only child, I grew up wondering what it would be like to have a brother. It wasn’t until today, in trying to deal with the terrible news of Andrew’s passing, that I came to realise how much he had become that person for me — someone I could intrinsically love and trust — which I know now means someone who is up for all the good and the bad.

“Andrew was an irreplaceable part of my family and I am in total disbelief that I’ll never again hear his infectious laugh, nor benefit from his quiet wisdom, or enjoy his generous praise. Andrew created unforgettable, beautiful images on screen, and he did this time and again, because he only ever served what he believed in — he was his own artist, separate from me, but always working generously to make what we were trying to create together better,”

Foreningen Norske Filmfotografer kondolerer og sender sine tanker til Lesnies nærmeste.







R.I.P. Andrew Lesnie