RED 8k vistavision

Denne uken er det duket for NAB 2015 i Las Vegas, og i den anledning strømmer det på med kameralanseringer, hvoriblandt RED har annonsert en 8k fullformat/vista-vision brikke som måler hele 40.96mm x 21.6mm med en oppløsning på 8192 x 4320 pixler.

Sensoren blir å finne som alternativ i REDs nye Weapon kamera, som også bekreftes å gjøre opptak i nedskalert 2k Prores, som suplement til R3D filene.

Her er en utvidet liste med specs:

  • Simultaneous R3D and Pro-res recording in-camera
  • Records R3D and scaled version of same footage as ProRes. For example 6K master, and 2K ProRes up to 60fps.
  • Files recorded simultaneously to same media
  • Consistent naming and internally accurate timecode (easier workflow than external recorder)
  • Apple ProRes 4444XQ, 4444, 422HQ, 422 or 422LT
  • Tethered streaming ProRes – ProRes recorded proxy can be sent to Ethernet, while R3D master sent to media
  • 17x17x17 3D LUTs
  • Faster Data throughput. Up to 50% higher data rates to card. Existing RED MINI-MAG 512GB cards are already ready for transfer speed increase
  • Dual monitor ports on Brain for EVF/LCDs. 
  • Automatic sensor calibration. Select exposure times from 1/8000s to 1/8s without calibrating. Wider operating band for sensor temperature
  • Better thermal management, Lower fan noise with no front fans and more stable operating temperature 
  • Integrated top-plate
  • Integrated wireless control connectivity
  • Interchangeable and removable I/O options with accessible port placement.
  • Interchangeable OLPFs with smart detection of which OLPF is installed.
  • Monitor flip and mirror on all outputs, including SDI.
  • Integrated dual digital front microphones

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RED 8k vistavision