Ny buet CMOS Sensor

Sony utvikler nå en buet cmos sensor. Dette gir økt lyssensitivitet og forandrer det optiske bildet fra optikken med skarpere kanter og økt sensitivitet både i midten og i ytterkantene.

Theoretically, this curved sensor would allow lens manufacturers to create simpler lenses (with fewer elements and larger maximum apertures) that work with field curvature instead of against it, since light hitting the lens from oblique angles wouldn’t need to be optically corrected in order to be projected onto a flat imaging plane.

Beyond the possibility of simpler and higher performance lensing systems, curved sensors also have the potential to offer higher performance than their flat counterparts. Apparently, the manufacturing process for these sensors, which is done by a custom machine that bends flat sensors into a convex shape, actually increases the inherent performance capabilities of the sensor. According to Sony’s engineers, the curved sensor that they debuted last week is 1.4x more sensitive at the center of the sensor and 2x as sensitive at the edges, which means that the low-light potential of these sensors is mind-blowing, especially when paired with any newly designed large aperture optics designed specifically for these curved sensors.Of course, there are some drawbacks to curved sensors as well, chiefly that their only applications — at least at this point — are in fixed lens cameras, since the curvature of the sensor has to match the field curvature of the lens projecting onto it. In order for interchangeable lenses to work in an imaging system with a curved sensor, the sensor itself would also have to be easily interchangeable, something which would likely be too time-consuming for most photographers and filmmakers.

In the near future, we’re not likely to see curved sensor technology make its way into the filmmaking world, largely because of the issue with interchangeable lenses described above. However, the 43mm full-frame sensor could very well find a home in cameras like Sony’s RX1, and maybe even some of Sony’s fixed-lens camcorders.

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Ny buet CMOS Sensor