Bruno Delbonnel og Cohens nye film

Når Cohen brødrene ikke får tak i Deakins får andre prøve seg. Her er intervju med Brono Delbonnel ( Amélie) som fotograferte deres siste film «Inside Llewyn Davis» En film med en fargepalett som skiller seg ut fra andre filmer.

Fra Nofilmschool; There are a few interesting pieces from this interview that stand out to me. First and foremost is the type of relationship that Delbonnel forged with the Coens and how the duo works in order to create their films. Here’s what Delbonnel said about the process:

I ask them sometimes what is the purpose of the scene and what it is conveying, we discuss it, but in very, very few sentences. They are very practical, they don’t go into psychological detail. It’s very very simple, it’s very very precise, so all emotion is coming from them and they are brilliant at that. Delbonnel also talks about how he lit the film, and how he chose to emphasize the overwhelming sense of sadness that permeates the iconic Coen humor.

I wanted to have something through all the movie which was this kind of sadness, and that is when I decided that the light is always falling off. There is no light lighting on the walls or anything, it’s just like, the same light which is lighting the actor is lighting the set there is no complimentary light, the lighting is always falling off to darkness, as if the light barely reaches into the apartment.

Her er linken til Cinefili – som har laget video intervjuet

Bruno Delbonnel og Cohens nye film