Blackmagic URSA vs AJA CION

Både Blackmagic og Aja kom med overaskende kameraløsninger på NAB i år. Her kan du lese en sammenligning av de 2 kameraene.
Deer priset likt menb har endel ulike egenskaper

Specs kan henets her


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Fra Wolfcrow;
The fact that the CION only ships in the PL mount is a huge let down for many filmmakers wanting to upgrade from DSLRs, Blackmagic cameras or the Canon C100. They do say that the PL mount is replacealbe and third-party manufacaturers are free to build an EF mount if they chose. However, this is unlikely to happen anytime soon, so one can’t assume an EF version will ever come.

And let’s not ignore price. Even comparing PL mount versions, the CION is $2,500 more than the URSA, and $2,500 buys a lot of gear nowadays. Above that, the URSA ships with Resolve 11, though not everyone uses or prefers it. What we need to see then is, does the CION deliver $2,500 more value?
The dynamic range is similar, and I suspect one will see very similar image quality from these cameras.
The CION is definitely ready for all types of productions, including 2K. It has multiple SDI and HDMI ports, but the URSA is no slouch either.
Regarding codecs, the CION definitely has the better options, with both uncompressed RAW and Prores 4444, which puts it squarely in Arri Alexa territory.
Finally, the CION can go up to 120 fps in 4K, which is as good as you can ask for in a camera that costs below $10K (Though you need an external recorder to get 120 fps).

Blackmagic URSA vs  AJA CION