Axiom – Linux basert kamera

Det første open source 4 k kamera er nå i sluttfasen av sin crowdfunding. Kamera er en 4K løsning m ulike størrelser på sensorer og valgfri fatning. Programvaren vil ligge helt åpen og det står fritt til brukeren å legge inn egne software løsninger.

Her er noen specs;

4K Resolution with large Image Sensor Diameter for cinematic Depth of Field
Pin-Sharp Uncompressed Full HD 4:4:4 (downscaled from 4K) via three independent HDMI ports at up to 60FPS
Canon, Nikon, MFT lens mounts available (all passive, more will follow)
Real Time Image Processing on Reprogrammable Hardware (FPGA), Dual Core ARM CPU runs custom Linux operating system with components from ArchLinux/Raspian
Capture 4K raw still images
Maximum flexibility: separate acquisition and recording and choose any external HDMI recorder
Two Global Shutter image sensor options available (more options will follow)
Smartphone/tablet/laptop remote control of all camera functions, through wireless and wired connections
And here’s a taste of what kind of footage the camera can produce.

These are just the features that will be available on the first batch of Axiom Betas. Here’s a brief taste of what Apertus has in store for future hardware and software upgrades.
More Image Sensors
Do you want a 5K Full Frame image sensor? Or a 16mm high speed option? Is dynamic range more important to you than resolution? More image sensors are lined up to be turned into AXIOM Beta modules and you help us decide which one will be implemented first.

Additional Interfaces
IO shields featuring 3G-SDI, TC, Genlock, Trigger IO interfaces are on the roadmap. But what do you need most? We are also testing a PCIe interface as bridge to high speed SSDs or a computer to act as recorder. Built-in LCD and control buttons/dials – we want them too.

More Lens Mounts
E-mount, C-Mount, Leica, PL, IMS or electronic lens control? As the lens mount is designed as AXIOM Beta screw-on-module creating new mount options is straightforward. Which mount would you like to see?

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Axiom – Linux basert kamera