Amira Simulator /LUT generator

For de som ikke fikk med seg Video4 og Arri sin demodag kan du nå prøve ut Amira kameraet på egen hånd. Arri har laget en ny simulator for Amira – lik den de har for sine andre kameraer. Simulatoren finner du her

Arri har også nå kommet med en LUT generator til Amira:

When ARRI released information about their ENG-style, “documentary” camera, AMIRA, there were several reasons for filmmakers to get excited, like its lower price point and the promise of ALEXA-level image quality. Another great feature is the ability to import custom 3D LUTs, and now, ARRI has sweetened that deal by offering a free grading program called the AMIRA Color Tool, which lets users “create, extract, and organize” AMIRA Look files, and then export them for in-camera use.

AMIRA Color Tool
ARRI provides the AMIRA Color Tool as a free software that allows you to modify looks from the AMIRA camera or conveniently create completely new looks for the AMIRA camera.
The AMIRA Color Tool can playback native Log C ProRes clips from the camera and apply different looks. To be able to use the AMIRA looks in other post processing tools, the AMIRA Color Tool provides the option to export looks as a 3D LUT.
Creating a complex look with the color wheels and sliders of the AMIRA Color Tool is much faster and more convenient than creating the same look directly the camera.

The AMIRA Color Tool is available as application for OS X 10.7 and for OS X 10.8/10.9. This first version is a beta version.


Amira Simulator /LUT generator