88 fotografers beste råd

88 filmfotografer forteller her hva det beste profesjonelle råd de har fått i sin karriere er

88 cinematographers and ASC members reveal thoughts, advice, tips, and tricks they’ve received that helped them throughout their professional careers. Their responses range from the simple to the complex, the obvious to the specific, and the easy to the hard – but all of them stand to help you make the most of life in the film industry.

“What’s the best professional advice you’ve ever received?”

That’s a question famously asked in American Cinematographer magazine’s ASC Close-Up – a series of brief interviews with various ASC (American Society of Cinematographers) members.

It’s also an extremely telling question as it demands ASC members dig for the one piece of advice most important and most effective for them. The question doesn’t just ask for general guidelines orgood advice, but the best advice.

So get ready as these 88 ASC cameramen and camerawomen drop some serious knowledge…

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88 fotografers beste råd